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Robbinsdale, MN
United States


The Tidal Doula provides inclusive pregnancy, labor and birth support for The Twin Cities.



The Tidal Doula offers compassionate birth support for the Twin Cities. Come read about Emily Kossila’s birth doula. sibling doula, and photography services options for Minneapolis, St. Paul, Robbinsdale and the surrounding areas.


Welcome to The Tidal Doula! I’m Emily Kossila, a certified birth doula, birth photographer and childbirth educator who is devoted to delivering compassionate and evidence-based care for all families. I work out of Robbinsdale, MN and serve Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater metro area.

I'm a big geek who really strives for authentic connections with my clients, as I support them in their birth choices.

I am so excited to learn more about you and how I can support you in your upcoming birth.

A birthing person holding their newborn close and kissing them on the face. The birthing person has french braids and is laying skin to skin with baby under a sheet.

Birth Services

A birthing person laboring in a birth tub holding hands with their support person. The birthing person has blonde hair and has their back to us while we see the bearded support person gaze down at them.

Birth Doula Services

Pregnancy and birth comes with a ton of questions. Let me guide you through the plentiful resources the Twin Cities offer as we prepare for your upcoming labor.

I am ALL about truly personal and customized care for all my clients. Come learn about how I create that care for you as we move into your birthing time.

Black and white photo of two white children’s hands holding each other.

Sibling Doula Services

Doula support isn't only for those giving birth, it's for the whole family! Let me take care of your other children so you can focus on labor and delivery.

After getting to know your children through prenatal appointments, I provide calm educated support in explaining birth at an age appropriate level.

A birthing person laying bare chested on a bed. There is a newborn under a blanket with their hand to their mouth and looking off camera. The birthing person is looking down lovingly and is adjusting the blanket with their hand.

Family And Birth Photography

I am so completely honored to capture the raw, intimate moments as my clients and their families grow.

Take a peek at my portfolio and schedule a maternity, postpartum session or birth photography package.

Emily Kossila, a white woman, smiling

Pleased to Meet Me

Heyo! I’m Emily Kossila, and I’m so stoked to help you have a satisfying and empowered birth.

Come read more about my story about how I became a doula, as well as how I’ve expanded my skill set over the last four years I’ve spent serving Twin City families.

Emily was wonderful to work with. She was so kind, helpful, intuitive, and unconditionally supportive. She has a gift for bringing calm and comfort to both parents. I was so grateful to have her as a part of my birth.
— Eva B
A birthing person laying skin to skin with newborn in a hospital bed. The birthing person has a nose ring, lace face tattoo, and the word “unconditional” tattooed on their chest.

Benefits of Having a Doula

Black and white woman in a birthing tub holding onto partners arm.

Research has shown significant benefits of having a doula present at birth. In a study of 15,000 women participating in 21 randomized control trials, women in the trials who were continuously supported through labor by a doula were:

More likely to have

  • A spontaneous vaginal birth

  • Shorter Labors

Less Likely to

  • Report negative feelings about childbirth experience

  • Use synthetic oxytocin (such as Pitocin) during labor

  • Admission to the special care nursery

A newly born baby laying on a bare chest looking up at mother’s face offscreen.