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Robbinsdale, MN
United States


The Tidal Doula provides inclusive pregnancy, labor and birth support for The Twin Cities.


Sibling Doula

Description of The Tidal Doula’s sibling support in their Sibling Doula Support package.

Sibling Support Package-650$

Prior to Birth




  • One 90 minute prenatal appointments during which we’ll cover

    • Child's Idea of Birth

    • Child's needs, dietary restrictions, medial information and preferences

    • Reading birth books or explaining birth at an age appropriate level

    • Play with and get to know the child

  • 24 hours a day 7 days a week availability beginning at 38th week of pregnancy

  • Phone and email support upon time of booking

A elementary aged child with long brown hair holding a newborn baby and looking down at it. Their toddler aged sibling with short blonde hair is sitting next to them with a hand on the baby while smiling at the camera.

During Labor and Postpartum

  • Watching child in home or at birthing location (as applicable), throughout the entire labor

  • Meal preparation

  • Play and educational engagement with child

  • Explanation of birth in an age appropriate manner

  • Remaining and caring for sibling 3-5 hours (or until 8am the next morning if overnight) after baby is born

  • Continuous contact by phone/email as much is desired by clients

A birthing person is leaning over with their face buried in their hands. Behind them is a a elementary aged child rubbing their back next to their support person who is also rubbing the birthing person’s back.

Additional Information

  • I will have 2-3 backup sibling doulas on call from your 38th-42nd week of pregnancy and will arrange for one of them to take my place until I am able to arrive. In the case of a backup doula, I will collect the entire fee from you and arrange payment for the backup doula myself.