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Robbinsdale, MN
United States


The Tidal Doula provides inclusive pregnancy, labor and birth support for The Twin Cities.

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Birth Doula Services

The Tidal Doula offers compassionate and individualized birth doula packages to serve all families. Details and pricing are listed here.

Birth Doula Package-850$

Prior to Birth




  • Access to my comprehensive online intake form, so you will have truly customized care from the time of booking

  • 2 prenatal appointments during which we’ll cover

    • Your ideas of birth

    • Personal and family history as necessary

    • Assistance in preparing a birth and postpartum plan if desired

    • A practice labor run-through where we’ll go through the many different comfort techniques we can use during your labor

    • Any additional questions or concerns clients have

  • 24 hours a day 7 days a week availability beginning at 38th week of pregnancy

  • Phone and email support upon time of booking

A birthing person on hands and knees on a bed with their face into a pillow. They have their face in their hands so you can’t see. Their tatooed should (a black rose) is in focus, with the background bokehed. The word BREATH can be seen in the background blurry in twinkle lights.

During Labor

  • Emotional support

  • Physical Support provided through use of non-medical comfort measures which may include but is not limited to

    • Comforting touch (foot/hand rub, acupressure, back pressure, etc)

    • Hot and cold compresses

    • Guided relaxation and mental exercises

    • Body Position suggestions

    • Education and guidance in rhythmic breathing

  • Education and non-judgmental support during decision making

Delivery and Postpartum

  • Birth photography when it doesn’t interfere with birth, if want specific aspects of your birth photographed I recommend looking at my birth photography package

  • Initial lactation assistance if desired by family

  • Staying with the family for first 2-4 hours to insure everyone is settled and comfortable

  • One postpartum appointment where we will process the birth experience and your transition into new (or newly again) parents

  • Continuous contact by phone/email as much is desired by clients

A birthing person holding their newborn to their chest skin to skin. The newborn is holding the parents hands and the parent is gazing down at them.

Additional Information

I will have at 2-4 backup doulas on call from your 38th-42nd week of pregnancy and will arrange for one of them to take my place until I am able to arrive. In the case of a backup doula, I will collect the entire fee from you and arrange payment for the backup doula myself.

A birthing person is holding their newborn on their chest skin to skin in a hospital bed. You can see the birthing persons rainbow butterfly tattooed chest as the gaze down at their newborn.

Though I highly value birth professional work, I also believe that every person deserves support through labor and am more than willing to discuss alternative payment methods (payment plans, bartering, etc.) If price is an issue please get in contact with me and we can work something out, or I can connect you with additional resources!