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Robbinsdale, MN
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The Tidal Doula provides inclusive pregnancy, labor and birth support for The Twin Cities.

5 Reasons to Hire a Doula

The Tidal Doula Blog

A collection of stories, pictures, and information about birth and babies in the Twin Cities. Written by a local Doula to be your guide.

5 Reasons to Hire a Doula

Emily Kossila

A doula is a trained labor support professional who aids birthing families prenatally, during labor and delivery, and postpartum. We provide educational resources to all things pregnancy and childbirth, emotional guidance during labor, as well as physical support during labor (say hello back rubs!).

If that isn’t enough to convince you to book a doula for your next birth, check out these:

5 Reasons to Hire a Doula

1. No Judgement

Doula’s are there to support you in all of your decisions, judgement free. This is your birth and family, and we are there for you whether you want an immediate pacifier for baby, no epidural, a planned cesarean, you name it. Pregnant people and new parents get more than enough advice from our culture and families, so you won’t have to worry about unsolicited tidbits from us. We’re here to answer your questions with evidence-based resources, but ultimately it’s up to you to find out what’s best for your family.

2. We’ve Been Through Birth Before

While birth is truly unique every time, it's still nice to have someone by your side to guide you through the stages of labor. Also, we don’t have faint hearts or stomachs. Trust me, we’ve seen it all and don’t shy away from bodily functions. We know the process, and can help you to know it too.

3. No Shift Change

Doulas are there for you continuously during your entire labor and birth (or for as long as you want us there). We don't go home at 11pm, and there won't be a new person to meet every 8 hours. In extreme emergencies, though, we have a super solid line of backups that we can call, so that you are not without a doula. 

4. The Numbers Don't Lie

Research is continually showing us that doulas help both birthing parents and their babies. A comprehensive study from the Cochrane Database, involving 15,288 birthing people, found that births accompanied by a support person (like a Doula!) were:

  • 28% less likely to have a cesarean section
  • 31% less likely to use synthetic oxytocin to speed up labor
  • 9% less likely to use any pain medication
  • 34% less like to rate their childbirth experience negatively.

5. We Know You and What Your Ideas of Birth Are

We spend the time getting to know you and your family. We've heard your previous birth stories, your hopes, your fears. We know your birth preferences backwards and forwards, and we can help remind you in times you may have forgotten (didn't you want a picture of the cord-cutting?, did you want your suckers that you packed?, etc). We are there for both the birthing parent and their partner, and we are so honored to be part of your birth.

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Hodnett, E. D., et al. "Continuous support for women during childbirth."Cochrane Database Syst Rev 7.7 (2012).